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All classes are virtual live streaming classes though ZOOM. Check all scheduled classes and ask any questions you have by contacting me. After registration  you get access to live streaming class  through the link in your e-mail with your individual computer, iPad, iPhone or any devises. Come and join a class according to the  following schedule.

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37 USA $ or 50 CAN $
(pass for 8 live streaming classes plus 4 meditation 

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1 hour virtual class

Chair Yoga is an amazing way for actively aging adults to experience the wonderful  health benefits of Yoga, such as loosening muscles, relieving pain, improving circulation and reducing stress. I use the chair for additional balance, comfort and safety.


You  will get access to live streaming class through the link in your e-mail with your individual computer, iPad, iPhone or any devises.  Then you will participate in a live guided yoga exercises in a comfort of your  home.


The class is one hour long and includes unique yoga  exercises  for people who are not able to get on a floor, adopted asanas for seniors or individuals with restricted movement,  also  meditation technique’s that helps relax and relieve stress. 

(pass for 8 classes a month plus 4 meditation 

1 hour virtual class

Yoga  practice will lead you to a sense of peace and well-being, and also a feeling of being at one with your environment. The ultimate goal of Yoga is “Moksha” (liberation). My practice is focused on asanas for woman, especially in  their  middle age. These sequences will bring you to the point where you can extend your femininity, find your mind ease, and at the same time make your body even more beautiful and strong.


Movement of the body helps still the mind. If your mind is racing, come and enjoy a class.  Just be ready to leave your reluctance on the mat.


30 minute  virtual class


Class is combined pranayama (breathing practices) and guided meditation. Meditation is the way to find your inner pease  and harmony. When our mind is peaceful and calm we are really happy; but if our mind is not peaceful we are unhappy, even if other aspects of your life is perfect. Just 15 minutes a day can make a big difference in life. Mix of pranayama and meditation helps to relieve  tension, anxiety and stress in your body and mind.


1 -1.5 hour intermediate level Vinyasa yoga flow for a  small or medium size company (10-100 people) trough Zoom or any other platform. 

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